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“Our journey to wellness is never a simple straight line. It is our goal that our products will stir you in the right direction.”

All flavors start with rocky mountain spring water, certified organic ingredients, and the finest water kefir grains in the country. Sourced from a 100-year old grain batch, our water kefir grains are protected and cared for on a daily basis. The living organisms in our grains receive regular and nutritious care. Dried fruits utilized in our 1st fermenting process, which is carried over a 48-hour period, alternate between organic raisins, apple slices and figs.

Each handcrafted flavor has been meticulously created to enhance the original water kefir taste without masking it, so that you can enjoy a delicate balance that is palatable and refreshing. A 2nd fermentation process is then applied for an additional 36 to 48 hours depending on the infusion.

Our infusions are created from natural ingredients and our teas are brewed inhouse from raw materials of the highest quality; always hand-picked by our brewmaster from local organic marketplaces.

Botttled into 16oz glass bottles and never pasteurized, LIFE Water Kefir keeps all of the living organisms that make our product so different from everything else in the market.

It is our joy to share these gifts from nature with you & your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Learn more about studies done on Water Kefir directly from the National Library of Medicine.