Delivery Service

Currently serving Denver and surrounding areas, we deliver freshly made, handcrafted water kefir directly to your door every FRIDAY.

Because probiotics is something that should be incorporated into everyone’s healthy eating habits, our core model is a subscription-based service.

Subscribing to weekly delivery gets you a reliable supply of probiotics, without having to buy too much in advance or too little to cover you and your family in-between runs.

Because our LIFE Water Kefir is unpasteurized, it is very important we get it to you as fresh as possible. This is why we brew each batch every week, ensuring the probiotic drink you are enjoying is between 4 and 5 days fresh!

LIFE Probiotics Delivery Area 2023
Currently serving Denver and surrounding areas. If you are outside our delivery area please Contact Us, as we are expanding rapidly and we may still be able to serve you.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We are Colorado lovers! And we care for our well-being both from the inside as well as from the outside. That is why we choose to use glass bottles and we request that you rinse and return them so we can clean and sanitize them to be reused. We request that One-Time orders return their glass bottles as well. Also, whenever possible, we run our delivery route in a tiny, happy, quiet and peaceful electric vehicle (except for when it’s in the shop or snowing).

LIFE Probiotics Electric Delivery Vehicle

We are a small family business. We are neighbors. And we would love to help you get to better health!

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