Water Kefir FAQ’s

What Is Water Kefir?

Water Kefir is a fermented, lightly carbonated beverage that is made with water, natural sugars and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts (SCOBY) held in a polysaccharide biofilm matrix created by the bacteria. These are known as “water kefir grains”. However they are not actually grains but they are referred to this way because of their appearance. Water kefir grains are also known as “Tibicos”, and form as soft granules that can propagate in a water solution.

Water Kefir has traditionally been consumed for centuries (or possibly even longer) and their most widely accepted origin comes from Mexico, where the “tibicos” are harvested from the pear cactus.

When water kefir is mixed with water and natural sugars, they ferment the water and create kefir water, which is a bubbly, lightly carbonated and slightly sweet beverage.

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Water kefir is a probiotic drink, sometimes consumed as an alternative to milk-based probiotic drinks or tea-cultured products, linked to various health benefits, including boosting your immune system and even protection and prevention for certain types of cancer.**

After its 1st brew, LIFE’s water kefir is infused with organic ingredients creating our signature flavors, giving you additional health benefits depending on the infusion you choose. This allows you to target specific goals, such as improving your digestion, reducing inflammation, increasing energy, supporting your immune system, and more.*

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LIFE water kefir is a non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan-friendly, Organic, and Dairy Free product.

Food Allergens Chart

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What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms linked to generally improving or restoring gut flora and a host of health benefits.* They are considered generally safe and can be found in the widely accepted form of yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, pickles, milk kefir and water kefir.

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How Many Live Microorganisms are in LIFE Water Kefir?

Our latest lab results (12/08/2020) have certified that our LIFE Water Kefir Original flavor, which is 100% kefir water, contains 8,000,000 Lactic Acid Bacteria CFU’s (Colony Forming Units) and 2,700,000 Yeast CFU’s per gram. This means that our 16oz bottles, which are equal to 453 grams, contain about 3.6 billion (yes, with a “b”) Lactic Acid Bacteria CFU’s and 1.2 billion Yeast CFU’s per bottle.

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Should I Drink Probiotics Every Day?

The general answer and recommendation is “yes”, you should take them daily. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that promote gut health, potentially unlocking a better absorption of food nutrients and balancing your digestive system.* Probiotics have been linked to reducing inflammation, improving asthma, reducing the severity of certain allergies, and even provide protection to certain types of cancer.* It is difficult to argue that everyone would benefit from a better digestive system which probiotics can effectively assist with.*

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How Much & For How Long Should I Drink Probiotics?

1 cup a day is a good place to start and see how your body reacts to water kefir. For mild symptoms, like constipation and light digestive problems, you can see improvements in as little as 2 weeks.* For most conditions you should give probiotics between 3 to 4 weeks to see any changes.* As we age, it is important to maintain probiotics as part of your daily routine as they will help you keep your gastrointestinal tract in optimal balance.*

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What Are Some Possible Side Effects of Water Kefir?

We recommend that you always start with 1 cup a day and monitor how your body reacts to it. Some possible side effects of drinking water kefir may include nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, bloating, constipation, cramps, and gas. But all of these side effects should subside within a few days after starting your new regimen. This is considered a type of detox and your body adjusting to the new friendly bacteria in your gut. If you experience any of these side effect try reducing your intake to about 1/2 cup a day, taking it with your meal and not on an empty stomach. Monitor how you feel and up your intake once your body has adjusted to it.

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What Does Water Kefir Taste Like?

The original taste of water kefir, the fermented water without any added juices or teas, is lightly sweet and flat (not carbonated). Because fermentation happens in an open container with only a thin porous film to allow for air to circulate, carbonation is not present when first poured out of its fermenting container, but if it is moved into a tight-seal container and left for 36 to 48 hours, the carbonation will build up.

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What Is The Difference Between Kombucha And Water Kefir?

Kombucha is tea-cultured while water kefir is water-cultured. Water kefir has a sweet taste, while kombucha has more of a bitter taste to it. Water kefir is considered to have a greater number of probiotic bacteria strains.

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What Are The Benefits Of Water Kefir?

The benefits of a probiotic drink such as water kefir are vast. Some of them include:

  • Balance the good bacteria in your digestive system*
  • Better absorption of nutrients*
  • May help lose weight and belly fat*
  • Boost your immune system*
  • Reduces migraine*
  • Reducing inflammation such as from arthritis*
  • Better sleep*
  • Lowers blood pressure*
  • Better control of blood sugar levels*
  • It can reduce symptoms of asthma*
  • Reduced severity of certain allergies and eczema*
  • Detoxifies the body*
  • Reduces PMS discomfort*
  • Good for the heart*
  • Prevents and alleviates bloating*
  • Treats constipation*
  • Reduces bad cholesterol*
  • Improved symptoms of colitis*
  • Improved symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease*

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Where Can I Buy LIFE Water Kefir?

LIFE Water Kefir can only be purchased directly from LIFE Probiotics online or over the phone (720-334-7133).

We offer 2 options:

You can also contact us to place an order via Facebook Messenger (@LIFEprobiotics), or via WhatsApp (https://wa.me/17203347133). Or go directly to our main shop page where you can see all shopping options.

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What Is The Difference Between LIFE Water Kefir And Water Kefir From The Grocery Store?

Unpasteurized Pasteurized Pasteurization is required for shelf-life but it kills and neutralizes most of the bacteria and yeast. LIFE water kefir is unpasteurized so it keeps more of the beneficial bacteria and yeast you actually want in your probiotic drink.
Naturally Carbonated Carbonated with mineral water or CO2 Pasteurization kills the bacteria and natural carbonation cannot occur. Store water kefir is sometimes carbonated using mineral water or injecting CO2 into their final product. LIFE water kefir’s carbonation is 100% naturally occurring.
Water Kefir is Our #1 Ingredient Mineral water is their #1 ingredient You can see the store label and many times water kefir is not listed first, which means that it is not the main ingredient in their product. LIFE water kefir is either 100% water kefir (our Original flavor), or 75% water kefir and 25% organic juice or tea infusion.
Handcrafted Mass produced Water kefir from the store can sit there for weeks before you drink it. LIFE water kefir is handcrafted, closely monitored, brewed and delivered every week, as soon as it is ready.
Home Delivered Not Home Delivered We bring LIFE water kefir directly to your door.

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What Are LIFE Water Kefir’s Ingredients?

Our Original flavor is 100% kefir water, made from water kefir grains, spring water, alternating organic cane sugar, turbinado cane sugar, brown sugar, molasses and dried fruits. Our specialty flavors are made with 75% kefir water and 25% organic juice or tea. Our tea infusions are handcrafted using natural ginger root, turmeric root, locally grown and sourced mint, lemon, cinnamon, and hibiscus flower tea.

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Is Water Kefir An Alcoholic Beverage?

Any fruit that you let sit and ferment will naturally create alcohol. However our water kefir alcohol content is so low that it is practically non-existent and it is not considered an alcoholic beverage.

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How Long Does It Take To Brew?

48 hours for our water kefir 1st brew, then between 36 to 48 hours for our second infusion brew. This process is completed every week for absolute freshness at time of delivery.

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Where Is It Brewed?

LIFE Water Kefir is brewed locally in Denver, Colorado.

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Can I Be Allergic To Water Kefir?

As with anything that you eat or drink, always consult with your doctor. Our Original flavor is 100% kefir water, made from water kefir grains, spring water, alternating organic cane sugar, turbinado cane sugar, brown sugar, molasses and dried fruits. You can learn more about the ingredients in each flavor of LIFE’s Water Kefir by going to our “flavors & ingredients” page. All flavors and ingredients are 100% organic, non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly.

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Is This A Good Replacement For Soda?

Water kefir is often referred to as a “good alternative to soda” because of its fizzy feel and sweet taste. But remember water kefir is a probiotic supplement and not a comfort food.

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How Do I Store My Water Kefir?

Water kefir should be kept refrigerated at all times. We recommend you “burp” your bottles at least once every 4 days. This will keep the pressure down and prevent any spillage inside of your refrigerator. LIFE water kefir should be consumed or stored refrigerated for up to 3 weeks. Never leave your bottles outside of the refrigerator unless they are empty. At room temperature your water kefir will restart the fermentation process and bottles may forcefully eject the flip-top upon pressure build up; also glass bottles may break from too much pressure.

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Can Kids Drink Water Kefir?

Water kefir is safe and beneficial for kids, but you must remember that a child’s digestive system is more sensitive and because their bodies are smaller you should be careful with the amount of water kefir they drink.* Water kefir is not recommended for children under 2 years old.

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What Are Other Probiotic Drinks Similar to Water Kefir?

The most closely related probiotic drink would be Kombucha, which is a fermented drink made using black or green tea. Other related probiotic drinks include Boza, which is a fermented malt beverage made mostly with wheat (popular in Turkey). Kvass, which is a traditional probiotic drink from Russia, cereal-based, made by fermenting rye bread. And finally, Tepache, a Mexican fermented probiotic drink made from pineapple rind, cinnamon and piloncillo or brown sugar.

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