Shortage of CO2 for Carbonation? Not Here!

Yes. It’s all around the news today: “National Shortage of CO2 – Beer Likely To Be Latest Shortage Due To Supply, CO2 Issues.

Well… we are glad to report that there will be no shortage of LIFE probiotic drinks! Since our products are all handcrafted naturally, Carbon Dioxide is a natural byproduct of fermentation. So definitely no concerns about your favorite probiotic drink running out of carbonation during these difficult times.

It would be important to note though, that most people, including us, were under the impression that beer carbonation was due to their natural fermentation process. Oh… silly us. It got us thinking “well, if they are in trouble due to the shortage of CO2 that must mean that they are actually injecting CO2 somewhere along their production process”. Of course they are! And they must, to control the shelf-life of their products and to be able to ship and sell them across the world. Killing any CO2-producing live organisms is part of their process! No live organisms to continue the fermentation process means they have to inject their product with added CO2. This is the only way for them to bring back the carbonation.

Doing things differently

At LIFE Probiotics we handcraft each bottle of probiotic drinks with love and care. We know that the live micro-organisms that inhabit and ferment our products must be kept alive all the way to the consumer. This is how you can experience the healthiest impact to your gut. You would be surprised to know how many live bacteria are in each bottle.

Selling LIFE products at your local grocery store has crossed our minds from the beginning of this journey. However, we were clearly warned that we must first end the life of the healthy bacteria that continues to ferment our kefir water. CO2 would then need to be injected into the kefir water to keep the carbonation experience. This would need to be done before sealing the container and shipping it to the grocery stores. We have chosen not to compromise and to keep the healthy bacteria alive. So we opted for staying out of grocery stores until we can find a better way. Today we continue to offer you the freshest, the healthiest, and the tastiest probiotic drink you can find anywhere locally! All organic, all natural. Including its distinct and delightful CO2 carbonation.

With LOVE… from the LIFE Probiotics family 💕


Better Sleep with Lavender Water Kefir

Water Kefir has a long list of benefits for your body and mind. When combined with the right infusion it can elevate its body and mental healing to an even higher level.

At LIFE Probiotics we have perfected a unique blend of our Original Water Kefir and a French Lavender infusion. The calming effect of Lavender is well established and combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of water kefir, it can help you achieve a more restful sleep.

Drink 6 to 8oz about 30 to 45 minutes before bed. You can drink it warm, for an even more relaxing effect. You can safely heat LIFE Water Kefir up to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit without killing the beneficial bacteria in it.

Take a minute to seat back and enjoy your drink… Engage all of your senses while you wind down your day. Smell the sweet Lavender as it takes you to a restful place, taste the sweet infusion, feel the warm goodness in your hands and in your body as you drink it slowly. Take your time to feel connected to mother nature as you give thanks for another day in your life. Now you are ready to put your worries behind you. Tomorrow will be a great day.

If you are like many of us who use a sleep tracking device, look at your stats in the morning after you wake up. By incorporating Lavender Water Kefir into your bedtime routine you will notice, and feel, a more restful sleep each night.