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10 Bottles Bi-Weekly (Subscription)

$50.00 every 2 weeks

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Receive 10 bottles every 2 weeks with FREE DELIVERY!

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Our 10-Pack every 2 weeks is the perfect portion for 2 people for a 2 week period.

Save with our lowest price per bottle. Plus FREE delivery!

16 ounces of pure goodness, with over 4.5 billion of living microorganisms (CFU’s) per bottle!

Mix and match your favorite flavors. Plus changing flavors after your 1st delivery is easy. We send text-message reminders before each delivery and you can choose to change your flavor selection at that time.

LIFE Water Kefir is a handcrafted probiotic drink that has higher cultures count because we distribute it unpasteurized. All ingredients are non-GMO, Gluten Free, 100% Vegan, 100% Organic, and Dairy Free.

Manage your subscription online, with the ability to skip services or place your service on-hold for an extended period of time. All from your My Account page.


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